Located in the heart of the Cognac’s Region, we are specialized in the production of Cognac and in the distribution of Spirits.

Alexis Cabanne , owner of the Distillery Cabanne , decided in 1999 to commercialize its owned Cognacs and a large range of alcoholic beverages. The sales today are covering France/Europe and overseas countries with the Travel Retail  and Domestic Market.

Brand Owner

Hawkins distribution owns brands such as Richard Delisle, Club Cigare XO Cognac

This singularity allows us to be the deciders in the construction and development of our brands, especially abroad. These brands accompany a large range of whisky, liqueur, vodka and rum known worldwide. We built our brand range around strong values such as authenticity, character and quality.


As an importer we are constantly sourcing so that we can optimize our buying and supplying strategy.

Market analysis allows us to source new products to answer current trends. Thanks to the work done in this domain we are able to answer new consummation habits.

Hawkins Distribution is an approved warehouse keeper by border control.

We stock our products in the same warehouse, making picking easier and reducing expedition time.


Hawkins Distribution is dedicated to brands with a strong sentimental value and to new concepts but always keeping the customer and the heart of our strategy.

We distribute our range and the spirits that are under contract in France and abroad always respecting the trade policy of each product.

Thanks to our commercial network, we can guaranty a perfect handling of distribution and a good commercialization of brands.

Tailor Made

Hawkins distribution is also a brand creator. We work on elaborating products dedicated to our clients, based on the specificities of a market or a country (White& Dark Rum Captain Flint in Russia, Fresh Vibes Vodka for an Airline Cy…).
Based on precise specificities and tendering, we respond to demands with a tailor made answer by creating a product or a personalized brand that we accompany to its commercialization stage.


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